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The Memphis Silver Lady

Growing up, I loved going to visit my maternal grandmother. She was a very elegant woman, a wonderful cook, and her home was always beautifully decorated. The two things I eagerly looked forward to on each visit were sitting on her velvet sofa – a very long, tufted piece in a deep eggplant color, and admiring her sterling silver tea service. The shining silver reflected light and I thought the service was truly wonderful. Holiday luncheons and dinners always meant the good silver would be used, even at the children’s table.

These fond memories are etched in my mind and spurred me to launch The Memphis Silver Lady. My goal was to clean and polish silver for people so they could create their own memories and pass down traditions. And, we love to share ideas on how to incorporate silver into everyday lives.

Start Making Memories

Memories are the awesome gifts given to your family and friends. Enjoy your past memories and start making new ones with your cherished silver.

Insider tips


Sterling Silver or Silver Plated?

Sterling silver is commonly referred to as 925, meaning it is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Most sterling silver is stamped with a hallmark indicating the purity of the silver (like 925), the mark of the silversmith or manufacturer.


Tips on Spotting Silver

Enjoy shopping for silver at estate sales or flea markets? Carry a soft white cloth and rub it on a piece like you were polishing it. If no black comes off, it’s probably not silver. Also, if there are flakes on the piece, it is probably silver plated.


Is Silver Magnetic?

Consider carrying a strong magnet when shopping for silver at estate sales and flea markets. Sterling silver has a weak magnetic effect and a magnet will usually not stick strongly.


How to Store Silver

Moisture increases tarnishing on silver, so place silicon packets in with your silver to decrease moisture. Storing silver in felt lined drawers is preferred; however, wrapping silver pieces in acid free paper for storage is good, too.

Ready to Have Your
Silver Sparkle?

It is easy to schedule an appointment – go to the Contact page and send an email or call us. The cleaning prices are listed and pick-up and delivery is free in most Memphis areas.